Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise hosting at your scale.

Have you grown frustrated from paying Rackspace or another large hosting company too much money for impersonal service?  Is traffic to your website increasing causing it to slow down or become completely unavailable?

With Grid & Arrow’s enterprise hosting plans, you get the best of both worlds.

Grid & Arrow’s enterprise hosting plan combines the powerful hardware of a large company and the personal service of a small business.

All of Grid & Arrow enterprise plans leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides access to notch infrastructure and scalability while providing just the right amount of dedicated space and throughput required to meet any traffic demands.

Furthermore your infrastructure will be personally setup, monitored, and supported by people whose first names you will know. There will be no calling an 800 number and get transferred to whichever support technician you were randomly routed to.

Enterprise plans start at $499 / month.

All of Grid & Arrow enterprise plans leverage multiple availability zones for your website or app.  So your code sits on multiple instances in multiple availability zones within its own private virtual cloud network. Instances can scale either horizontally (more of the same instance type) or vertically (higher performance instances).

The traffic to these instances is managed by an Elastic Load Balancer. The load balancer detects the health of the instances and routes traffic accordingly.

Load balancers enable your website to withstand high spikes in traffic without downtime.

Traffic can be distributed across multiple instances. So if one instance becomes unavailable, the load balancers will direct traffic to the other operational instance(s) while the unavailable one is restored.

Amazon has built many protections into Elastic Load Balancers that your website or app will benefit from, including DDoS attack prevention.

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